Review Procedure


All incoming texts to the Editorial Board undergo the following procedure in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:



1. Initial formal evaluation

Received article is subjected to a formal evaluation by the Editorial Board (compatibility with magazine profile and technical requirements) and then sent to the editor of the thematic section.


2. Qualification by the Editorial Committee

Once the article is accepted by the editor, the editorial department will consult the style with the language editors and the statistics with the statistical editor, if necessary. The article is placed on the waiting list of articles to be published in the Quarterly and is simultaneously discussed by the Editorial Board. Then, once the article is approved, it is sent to the reviewers.


3. Review procedure

The article is sent to two independent reviewers who are experts in the field (with a higher or equal degree as the author), and are not affiliated with the author / authors. Both the author and the reviewers do not know each other’s identities which is in accordance with the principle of double-blind review. (Download review sheet). Upon receipt of two reviews, the author is informed of any possible comments and revisions which should be included in the text.


4. The decision to publish the article

If one of the reviewers allowed to print the article and the other rejects it, the Editor, who is in charge of the article and the Editorial Board, based on the observations made in the reviews and the final version of the article, make the decision to send the article to a third reviewer. In a situation where the third reviewer rejects the article, the Editorial Board withdraws the article from the waiting list of articles to be published in the Quarterly and informs the author of the article about the decision.


5. Consultation with the Scientific Committee

Once the review procedure is successfully completed, the title and abstract of the article are consulted with the members of the Scientific Committee of the Quarterly – consultative body of the scientific path of the magazine.


6. Selection of recommended article

Editorial Committee, after taking into account the opinion of the reviewers, selects an article recommended to the readers in a given Quarterly.

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