Quarterly Journal "Bezpieczenstwo i Technika Pozarnicza/Safety & Fire Technique"



About us

The scientific journal "Bezpieczenstwo i Technika Pozarnicza/Safety & Fire Technique" is addressed to fire protection managers, state and local government employees, researchers and tutors from universities and research institutes who are interested in issues of fire protection, civil protection and crisis management.


Participation in the process of improving the state security and effective way of combating threats using innovative solutions.


Status of the scientific journal recognized in Poland and on the international scene - agora for information exchange in the area of ​​public safety, especially in the field of fire protection, civil protection and crisis management.


1. Supporting the knowledge transfer in Poland and abroad

2. Promotion of research results and innovative projects

3. Safety Education





 Dariusz Wróblewski, PhD - Editor-in-Chief

Eugeniusz W. Roguski, PhD - Chairman of Editorial Committee

/Section Editor: Organization and Strategic Management/

Joanna Rakowska, PhD

/Section Editor: Research and Development/

Janusz Skulich

/Section Editor: Case Study - Analysis of the Actual Events/

Maciej Schroeder

/Section Editor: The Best Practice in Action/

Tomasz Węsierski, PhD

/Section Editor: Technique and Technology/

Tomasz Węsierski, PhD

/Statistical Editor/

Jacek Zboina, PhD

/Section Editor: Certificates, Approvals and Recommendations/

Krzysztof Biskup, M.Eng.

/Section Editor: Partnership for Safety Innovation/

Grzegorz Stankiewicz, PhD

 /Section Editor: Training and Knowledge Promotion/

Bernard Wiśniewski, Prof.

 /Section Editor: Humanities and Social Sciences for Safety/

Jan Kielin, M.Eng.

/Section Editor: People Involved in Firefighting/

Magdalena Witt, PhD

/Section Editor: Rescue and Disaster Medicine/

Dorota Brzezińska, PhD

/Section Editor: Fire Engineering/

Julia Pinkiewicz, M.A.

/Editorial Secretary, Language Editor - Polish Language/

Jan Stanisław Łopata

/Language Editor - English Language/

Yuliya Mazur, M.Eng.

/Language Editor - Russian Language/


ISSN 1895 - 8443

   DOI: 10.12845   

Paper version constitutes a primary version of the journal.

Publisher :

Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection

National Research Institute

213 Nadwiślańska Street

05-420 Józefów k/Otwocka


phone: 0048 22 769 32 00


e-mail: cnbop @ cnbop.pl

email to editors: kwartalnik @ cnbop.pl, agolinska @ cnbop.pl, emuszynska @ cnbop.pl

The Quarterly Journal is during the evaluation process in the databases: Scopus, DOAJ and Compendex.


Under decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (The announcement of December 18, 2015) there are 13 points attributed to the author’s academic achievements for publishing scientific articles in the quarterly journal.