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Date: 2010
dr inż. Zbigniew Ciekanowski

dr inż. Eugeniusz W. Roguski
dr Ryszard Grosset

Tags: sources of threats, range of treats, scale of treats, primary treats, secondary treats, effects of treats,
In this article different sorts and sources of threats to security were discussed. The threats which belong to the values have long been held dear and protected by both an individual and nations since the dawn of humankind. Security includes political and military aspects as well as economic, technological, ecological, social and humanitarian factors. There are also natural aspects, apart from the factors presented above, which play their part from the beginning of the human history to be taken into account .Together with the advancement of technology people entered the era of technological threat. The threat that on the one hand is indispensable in everyday life but on the other threatens increasingly a man. The presented above sorts of threats have been characterized and described in a synthetic way It should be underlined that the threats presented do not exhaust all of them as newer and newer threats appear together with the technological development .The pointed out threats, are related to the national security of the Republic of Poland in a different degree.


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