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Date: 2012
dr inż. Zbigniew Ciekanowski

dr Zbigniew Dubrawski
dr inż. Czesław Ochenduszka

Tags: , motivation, Non –financial forms of incentives, relation between manager and employee,

At the beginning of the article “Non –financial forms of incentives” were presented the selected methods concerning non financial incentives. These methods are sometimes more important than financial ones. In the first part were presented the ways to motivate an employee with the use of non – financial methods. Among the most important are promotion, commendation, allocation of more ambitious and responsible tasks, and good relationship between a manager and an employee. The effectiveness of non – financial incentives depends on as to what extent they meet the employees’ needs. However, a good manager should in a skillful way take advantage of both financial and non – financial incentives to encourage employees to work more efficiently. In the second part was presented the significant role of a proper management which is the key to the preparation such conditions which enable to perform tasks in due time and at appropriate level with the use of human potential and small amount of work and materials. The point of a good work management is that it gives a manager the possibility to use it as a versatile and at the same time cheap work incentive method which allows managers to engage their employees in the management of their work. The provision of development possibilities, qualification improvement, insight in the current situation of the company, responsibility which manifests itself in the workers’ independence and respect and esteem stimulates people to more efficient task performance. Good relations in a team play an enormous role in incentive work management which means that a manager becomes an equal partner in a team and only his representative function differs him from the others. This leads to the increase in the quality of elaborated decisions and facilitates putting them into operation.


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